12/16/20/24 OZ WHITE DOME LIDS. 20 BAGS/50 LIDS. 1,000/CTN


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Our hot white dome lids for 12-24 oz cups are great for enjoying your hot beverages. From a freshly steeped cup of French pressed coffee to a double shot vanilla latte, these lids will securely hold your tasty hot beverages! These lids are made of recyclable PS material and look great on all of our cups, making them a must have for any coffee serving operation. Whether you’re serving coffee at for a banquet or serving up hand crafted lattes, these lids provide a secure fit with reliable quality you can trust and that your customers will enjoy!

  • 12-24 oz
  • white
  • PS
  • Sturdy, recyclable, and versatile
  • 1000 lids per case
  • Fits perfectly with our 12-24 oz single layer hot cups

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Weight 10.1 lbs
Dimensions 18.58 x 15.27 x 11.26 in