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About CupBarn | Wholesale Juice Bottles

We are CupBarn, wholesale juice bottles supplier at Selma, CA. Barns remind many of us of a time when life was simpler and people worked together to solve problems. In those times, if a barn blew down, the whole community came together to rebuild it. The barn provided protection from the weather for everything big and small. And if you needed anything, you could almost always find something in the barn that would work to solve your problem.

Low Price Supplier | Bottle Caps and Plastic Cups

That’s the spirit that brought the CupBarn to the market. We wanted a place where people could find all the plastic juice bottles, bottle caps and plastic cups at an affordable price; they need quickly and easily and if they had a problem to solve we could do that too. We want to provide you high quality plastic bottles for your cold pressed juices, kombucha, energy drinks, coconut water, water, sport drinks, healthy drinks, and much more.

It’s our hope that it all works that way for you and life gets a little simpler.

Send us an email customerservice@cupbarn.com or call (559) 891-9888. We’d love to hear from you!

Offices located in Selma and El Monte, California.

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