Popular Packaging for Juices

Popular Types of Packaging for Juices and Beverages What is the most appropriate packaging for juices or fruit-based beverages? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. The optimal solution depends on many factors, none more important than these: Who the targeted consumers are and where are they most likely to consume the drink What kind of […]

How to Start a Fresh Juice Business (That’s Successful)

How to Start a Fresh Juice Business (That’s Successful) Starting any small business is extremely difficult, long hours, multitude of expenses, and the always-looming pressure to keep the business afloat. Starting a juice bar or business brings its own complexities, extremely perishable products, food safety, seasonality, and a host of other challenges, by now you’re […]

pet bottles- cupbarn what is the most appropriate packaging for juices?

When Purchasing Plastic Juice Bottles Ensure They’re PET

Purchasing plastic bottles for Juices or liquids? Well it would be in your best interest and your consumers to ensure they’re PET. What is PET you may ask, well for the scientists in the room it is Polyethylene Terephthalate. For the non-scientists it is a chemical compound that makes up many of the clear plastic […]