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Our Boston Round and Euro glass dropper bottles come in 4 distinct colors and are the best for displaying your fine quality tinctures and essential oils! Be sure to match up the right dropper assemblies with the right bottle type for a perfect fit. We offer CRC (child resistant closures) as well as non-CRC.

2 reasons our dropper bottles are a great choice…


It’s no secret that glass is the best method for storing essential oils or tinctures. Part of the reason is its non-porous quality, meaning it does not permit the transfer of water or air. Ultimately, this translates into more of your oil staying in the bottle and not chemically reacting with the bottle.


Each one of our glass bottles are secured with government standard and tested child resistant droppers. This option is necessary to be in compliance with governmental regulations, but is also the wise choice when ensuring the safety of children.

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