Plastic Juice Bottles

Plastic Juice Bottles

Wholesale Plastic Juice Bottles and Packaging

Welcome to CupBarn, the leader in wholesale juice bottles, 16 oz plastic bottles, 8 oz plastic bottles,  plastic cups, and glass dropper bottles. We provide high quality plastic PET bottles and caps for juice or any other beverage, while also providing large quantities, highly competitive prices, and free shipping on all orders. We supply plastic juice bottles to a wide range of industries.

Beverage Juice Bottles

The most common uses for cold pressed juices, kombucha, energy drinks, coconut water, water, sport drinks, health drinks, and much more. If you have any questions please feel free to send our customer service team an e-mail, we are happy to help!

Beverage Bottle Caps

Bottle necks and threads are designed differently depending on the product and how the bottle is filled and processed. This often means a different cap for each bottle, but at Cupbarn we have standardized our neck and thread designs so our caps fit any of our different size juice bottles.


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