Terms Explained | Beverage Bottles

We provide high quality beverage bottles for all kinds of food businesses. We explained here the terms we use on our website for our plastic bottles, cups and dropper bottles.

Biodegradable – Products break down through the action of naturally occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, etc. These products are usually made from plant sources. Examples of biodegradable products include paper, vegetable scraps and some forms of plastic made from ingredients such as corn starch.

Double PE – This refers to the process of coating paper with polyethylene so that moisture will not penetrate the paper. Double PE means that the paper is coated on both sides. This type paper is commonly used on paper cold cups and ice cream cups to prevent condensation that may form on the outside of a cup from deteriorating the paper.

Compostable – For products to be considered compostable they must be able to break down in a natural process into carbon dioxide, water and humus in a safe and timely manner. They would not produce any toxic material and be able to support plant life. Compostable items are made from plant materials such as corn, potato, cellulose, soy and sugar. Composting can be divided into home composting and industrial composting. They both essentially use the same process, but industrial composting is characterized by a clearly defined set of conditions.

CPLA – Crystallized PLA is a similar process that’s used for PET. A nucleant is added and during sheet extrusion the PLA forms crystal sites. Ultimately used for thermoforming, the result is a PLA sheet with higher thermal properties used to make compostable lids for paper coffee cups.

CRC – Child Resistant Closure

Double Layer – Two layers of paper are used to form a cup to increase the insulation factor and keep the beverages hot longer and reduce the need for a cup sleeve to protect from the heat when holding a hot beverage.

Green product – A Green Product is a product whose production, use, and/or disposal has a low impact on the environment.

HPP – High Pressure Pasteurization is a revolutionary process for preserving food & beverage products up to 10 times longer than previous methods. Packaged products, such as natural fruit juice in plastic bottles, are ran through a cylindrical machine where cold water is forced against the bottles at 87,000 lbs per square inch. This intense water pressure process takes as little as 3 minutes, but kills various bacteria such as listeria, e-coli, salmonella, etc. Consequently, products have been known to go from a 7-day shelf life to 70-days. Our PET juice bottles, with the heat induction seal, work great with this process.

LDPE – This low density form of Poly-Ethylene is commonly used in plastic bags, 6 pack rings, dispensing bottles, wash bottles, tubing, and various molded laboratory equipment. This type of plastic is relatively cheap to produce and consists of good chemical resistant properties, making it a perfect choice for vape dropper bottles.

OD – Outside diameter measurement of a cup or lid.

OI Neck Finish – This neck finish gets its name from a company, Owens Illinois, who is said to have championed this style neck finish. The important thing to know is that our caps are tailor made for this neck finish, making them a perfect pair with a great seal.

PET or PETE – Polyethylene Terephthalate is a petroleum based plastic. It has superior clarity and is oil resistant. It is very commonly used in food containers especially water bottles and can be recycled. The infrastructure to recycle water bottles is in place in most areas.

PP – Polypropylene is a petroleum based plastic. It is oil resistant and acid resistant and can be frozen and/or microwaved. PP can be recycled, but the infrastructure may not be in place in many locations.

PLA – Polylactic Acid is a plant based plastic generally made from corn starch. PLA is compostable in most commercial composting facilities.

Single Layer – Only one layer of paper is used in the forming of the cup.

Single Hot Cup – A hot cup formed with just one layer of paper.

Single PE – This refers to the process of coating paper with polyethylene so that moisture will not penetrate the paper. Single PE means that the paper is coated on one side. This type paper is commonly used on paper coffee cups and soup cups to prevent leaking and breakdown of the paper.

Single PLA – This refers to the process of coating paper with PLA so that moisture will not penetrate the paper and the cup will be compostable. Single PLA means that the PLA coating is only on one side of the paper which is the inside of a paper cup.

TE – Tamper evident. Many of our closures have this feature, giving the end user the assurance that no one has tampered with the product.



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